Updates to Online Program Settings

We've made some additional changes to our update for online program landing pages based on your feedback.

New setting for End Time

We've added a new setting for you to enter the end time of an event. This field is for display purposes only, so that participants have an idea how long the online event is supposed to last. Your event will not get automatically cut off at this time, and the landing page will not change at this time. It's simply a guideline to help participants plan their day. It's also an optional field, so feel free to leave it blank.


New checkbox for the online landing page

You will also notice there are now two checkboxes for online events. The first one says "This Program is Online", this will give you the ability to enter the start and end time. This information will automatically display on the sidebar of the program page (along with a small icon indicating the event is online). Checking this box also tells our marketplace to categorize this event with the online programs search filter.


The second checkbox, "Enable online landing page" is an optional setting for those that would like to setup a landing page to host their online event and share additional content, meeting links, etc. This landing page will automatically close at 12:00am on the last day of the event unless you enable the post event landing page content setting below. 

Enable post event landing page content

The "Enable post event landing page content" checkbox has two fields, "End Time" and "End Date". Adding an end time and date will override the program end date and 23:59 close default setting. This allows you to display custom content after the event has ended or close the landing page at a different time. For example, display next steps for those who attended the program, or list additional resources. If you opt to leave the "Custom End Time" blank but select a "Custom End Date" then the landing page will close at 23:59 on the "Custom End Date".


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