New reporting options and text customizations for secondary forms

We've now added the ability for you to report on whether a participant has filled in the secondary form. Within your registration filters, you will see a drop down for 'Secondary Form' with the option to see 'Submitted' or 'Not Submitted'. You will need to select this option within your screen options in order for the field to display. 

The screen column will show 'Not Submitted' if the form hasn't been completed, and the submitted date will appear for when the form has been completed. Dates of form submittals are only available since we started saving the date in the backend - Nov 2022. 

Note that if you're still using the older 'guest_edit_link' template code, that will show as 'Submitted' on the secondary form, as it displays the secondary form questions. In order to use this new reporting option, we recommend using the registrations_form_questions_link and the secondary_form_questions_link. 

In addition to the filtering option, we've also added some additional text customization both in Settings and on the Program -> Registration tab:

These additional fields will allow you to customize the two forms: registrations_form_questions_link and the secondary_form_questions_link individually.  

Posted by Andrea