New reporting on registration form completion

Need a way to report on which guests have completed the required questions on their registration form?

Our new update includes a new column/screen option in Registrations that will display what date a guest completed their required registration form questions or if they haven't completed them yet. This is especially helpful for registrations added using Quick Add Reg or for sub-registrations in a group booking.


You can also adjust your filters on the Registrations page to view only those who have completed their form, or not.  Use this new filter to identify who still needs to submit important information before arriving for their retreat and send a bulk email to remind them!

The date in the Reg. Form Complete column will be updated if changes are made using the Registration Form Questions Link (registration_form_questions_link email template code or link for guest to edit reg details on their registration) but will not update if an admin user makes changes on the registration or person record.

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Posted by Devin

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