Updated bulk email drop-down for Wait list and Abandoned reg email templates

This change affects the Send Bulk Email section of the Waiting List and Abandoned Registration features.

Previously, the Insert Email Template options in the drop-down menu showed only emails from the Registration email template area.

This has been changed so that:

  • If the Lead Type is Wait List, only Area = Wait list email templates are shown.
  • If the Lead Type is Abandoned Registrations, only Area = Abandoned reg email templates are shown.

If you have been using the Wait List or Abandoned Reg features, you may have had to configure associated email templates as Area = Registration to show them in the Send Bulk Email section drop-down. The following action should be taken if you have been using these features.

Action required - In Settings > Email Templates, edit email templates associated with Wait List to specify Area = Wait list and email templates associated with Abandoned Registration to specify Area = Abandoned reg.


Note: The Abandoned Registration Lead Capture feature saves responses when a guest begins a registration but does not complete the online form. The feature provides the option to schedule an auto-email reminder to the guest that includes a link to the partially completed form so the guest can finish their registration.


Tags: abandoned registration, wait list, waiting list

Posted by Dennis