Improvements to Secondary Forms & changes to the Guest Edit Link

We are currently adding additional features to help you collect secondary form details from your participants. 

The first step in this process is to retire the existing guest_edit_link email shortcode. It has been removed from the UI as an option, but still works as it did before for anyone currently using it. 

In it's place, we've created two new email template codes: 

  1. registration_form_questions_link is a link that only shows the registration form questions for a guest to complete or edit. This template code will now replace the guest_edit_link in the Multi-Person Notification email.
  2. secondary_form_questions_link is a link that shows all questions, including secondary form questions. It’s only available to centers with the secondary forms feature enabled. This link should be used for centers wanting to send out follow-up forms post registration. 

Both of the new template codes have been added to the API and the guest_edit_link remains in the API for now. 

We will soon be adding the option to customize the link text for both template codes, as well as, the title, notes, header & footer text for each form. In addition, we will be adding reporting options within the Registration list so you can report on whether the secondary form has been submitted or not. 


Posted by Andrea