Changes to the main menu

In order to simplify the main menu, a few updates have been made:

  • 'Reg Settings' is now called 'Settings'
  • The 'Mail Log, Reg System Log, Room Picker Log and Legacy Reg System Log' have been moved out of the 'Settings' menu and into a new 'Logs' menu item
  • Marketplace 'Messages' have been moved out of 'Settings' and into the main menu
  • 'Team Members' has been moved out of 'Account' and moved into the main menu.
  • 'User Accounts' has been removed and replaced with 'Team Members'. 
  • The feature formerly known as 'Renter Login' or 'Renter Users' has been renamed to 'External Program Editor' and is now located under 'Team Members' in the menu


Posted by Andrea